Episode 67 - Doctor Who: This Episode is Bigger on the Inside


On this week's episode, Katie and Chelsea reveal their top 5 favorite episodes of Doctor Who and their favorite Doctor. Doctor Who was the reason that Katie and Chelsea met in the first place, so it's surprising they haven't discussed this show before. During this episode, they talk about their favorite episodes, their favorite Doctor, and their favorite companion. Warning: There will be spoilers for a bunch of episodes of Doctor Who. So, what are your top 5 favorite episodes, who is your favorite Doctor, and who is your favorite companion? WE WANT TO KNOW. 

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Things Mentioned in this Episode

  • Ready Player One

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Chelsea's Top 5 Favorite Episodes 

  1. The Empty Child

  2. The Lodger

  3. Blink

  4. Turn Left

  5. Knock Knock

Chelsea's Favorite Doctor & Companion

  • 12th Doctor - played by Peter Capaldi

  • Donna Noble - played by Catherine Tate

The Doctor's speech from the Zygon Inversion that Katie mentioned. https://youtu.be/BJP9o4BEziI

Katie's Top 5 Favorite Episodes

  1. Vincent and the Doctor

  2. The Stolen Earth/Journey's End

  3. The Doctor's Wife

  4. The Time of the Doctor

  5. The Christmas Invasion

The Whovian regeneration cycle of  Doctor Who

The Whovian regeneration cycle of Doctor Who

Katie's Favorite Doctor & Companion

  • 11th Doctor - Played by Matt Smith

  • Rose Tyler - Played by Billie Piper

Episodes that made us cry the most

  • Chelsea - Vincent and the Doctor

  • Katie - The Angels Take Manhattan