Episode 20 - Spotify Playlists

This week's episode, Katie and Chelsea make their own weird playlist for Spotify and share them with each other and the audience! If you love SPACE or musicals, you definitely will love this episode!

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Intro & Outro Vocals Provided by Dave Bethell

Podcast Intro Music: Dog and Pony Show by Silent Partner - https://youtu.be/Dw20ZkMwI10

Podcast Outro Music: Dog Park by Silent Partner - https://youtu.be/Zzm4A3xYUp8


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To Listen on Spotify Click Here

  1. Waving Through A Window - Ben Platt - Dear Evan Hansen

  2. I'm Alive - Aaron Tveit - Next To Normal

  3. Oh My God I Think I Like You - Rachel Bloom - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  4. 96,000 - Cast - In The Heights

  5. Pandemonium - Cast - 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee

  6. Hello! - Cast - Book of Mormon

  7. Face Your Fears - Donna Lynne Champlin - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


To Listen on Spotify Click Here

  1. Rocket Man - Elton John

  2. Seeing Stars - BØRNS

  3. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

  4. Lost Stars - Adam Levine

  5. Moon + Stars - Curious Quail

  6. The Sun - Maroon 5

  7. My Alien - Simple Plan

Katharine Penix